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What are the advantages of using aluminum alloy flanges

May. 19, 2020

The flange is a part used to connect shafts to shafts and used for connection between pipe ends. Aluminum alloy flanges are made of aluminum alloys by forging. Due to the specific gravity ratio of aluminum, The specific gravity of iron is much smaller, and aluminum alloy flanges can achieve the hardness of illegal steel flanges after adding certain elements, and the electrical conductivity is much higher than that of stainless steel materials. Therefore, the application prospect of aluminum alloy flanges is very wide.

Aluminum alloy flanges have many advantages. For example, they are light in weight, easy to handle, save handling costs, and have very good strength. Moreover, aluminum flanges do not react to chemicals such as nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide. Very good drug resistance. A very hard and dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy flanges. Many substances do not cause corrosion. Aluminum alloy flanges are non-magnetic and non-magnetic. Because aluminum alloy flanges are not toxic, they are widely used in medical machinery and food processing industries. At low temperatures, aluminum flanges have increased strength and no brittleness. He is an ideal low-temperature device material, based on the different equipment and processing techniques of different manufacturers, the quality of aluminum flanges on the market is also uneven. The acceptance standards for different aluminum alloy flanges are also different, so when choosing aluminum flanges, you must choose a large manufacturer with strength and scale.

At present, aluminum alloy flanges are used in high-voltage switches, automobile production, trams, ships, railway vehicles, and other fields. In the future production and life, aluminum alloy flanges will be more and more widely used.