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Aluminum alloy template features

May. 22, 2020

1. Good stability and high bearing capacity

All aluminum alloy formwork systems are assembled from aluminum alloy plates. After the system is assembled, an overall frame is formed with good stability and high bearing capacity.

2. One-time pouring, reliable quality

The aluminum alloy formwork system integrates several independent systems, such as wall form, top form, and support, into one organically. The formwork is all assembled at one time, and one-time pouring is realized.

3. After designing and processing, it can be tested in the whole factory

In the traditional formwork and its construction method, many installation problems are randomly handled by the personnel on the construction site, and the construction efficiency and engineering quality are difficult to guarantee. Instead, the aluminum alloy template system can be used to carry out an overall trial installation before being transported to the construction site to solve all possible problems.

4. The support adopts early disassembly technology

The top mold and support system have realized an integrated design, and the early disassembly technology is integrated into the top plate support system, which greatly improves the turnover rate of the formwork.

5. Convenient support system

Aluminum formwork supports relatively few on-site support rods, large operation space, smooth passage of personnel, smooth material handling, and convenient on-site management.

6. The concrete surface has good effect after demoulding

After the aluminum alloy formwork system is demoulded, the surface quality of the concrete is smooth and smooth, which can meet the requirements of facing and fair-faced concrete.

7. Long service life

The aluminum template used in the United States has a record of more than 3,000 times.

8. Wide range of applications

The aluminum alloy building template is suitable for the use of walls, pillars, beams, horizontal floor slabs, stairs, window sills, floating boards, etc.