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Landing gear and its support beams, cabin door frames, wings, frames and other forgings, can produce more than 90% of the body forgings.

Aircraft Aluminum Plate   Aircraft Aluminum Plate

Engine mounting section, casing, turbine disk, shaft, blades and other engine forgings, can produce more than 90% of the aircraft engine forgings.

Aircraft Aluminum Plate   Aluminum Forging

Including the piston, crankshaft, rudder, cylinder head, cross shaft, gear, drive shaft and connecting rod, including a variety of marine forgings.

Aluminum Forging   Aluminum Forging

Train use axle box, piston for internal combustion engine and other forgings.

Aluminum Forging   Aluminum Forging

Gas turbine superalloy turbine disk, generator rotor, generator pressure ring, generator retaining ring, impeller, coupling and other power energy equipment forgings.

Aluminum Extrusions   Aluminum Forging

Fracturing car connecting rod, tube section, flange, long neck flange, tube plate, valve body, blind plate, forgings and bosses and other petrochemical forging.

Aluminum Tube   Aluminum Bar

Forging and other large machinery and equipment. Broad product coverage, to meet different customer needs.

Aluminum Extrusions   Rings Aluminum Flange